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Terms and Conditions

1: Identification and vaccination

Dogs and cats must be identified, either by electronic microchip or by tattoo, and be up to date with their annual vaccinations against: Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parvovirosis (CHPL) for dogs, and Coryza and Typhus for cats. Puppies and kittens can be accepted from 16 weeks on the condition that they have completed their primary vaccination course at least 2 weeks beforehand. Older dogs and cats whose vaccinations have lapsed will be required to re-start the vaccination course (2 injections a month apart) and will not be admitted until 2 weeks after the 2nd vaccination. Vaccination against kennel cough is also required and should be done at least six weeks before entry into the kennels. The vaccination book and identification card will be handed to the kennels and cattery on the day of arrival. We reserve the right to refuse entry of a pet if vaccination books are not available or incomplete / out-of-date.

2: Conditions of refusal and acceptance of the animal

Acorn Kennels & Cattery reserves the right to refuse a dog or cat that turns out to be sick or contagious. We must be informed if your bitch is in season or likely to come into season during her stay. We do not accept male cats older than 6 months unless they have been castrated. All boarders be treated for internal (worms) and external (fleas/ticks) parasites before entry into the kennels. This must be a veterinary approved treatment and you may bring your own or we can supply it and charge you accordingly. If an animal is found to have a parasitic infestation which could affect the good hygiene of the kennels and cattery, the animal will be treated accordingly at the owner's expense. All dogs must wear a collar or harness for the duration of their stay, and all cats must be transported in a suitable cat carrier.

3: Personal objects

We accept personal affairs (toys, baskets, etc.), but decline all responsibility in the event of loss or damage. However we can refuse objects likely to be dangerous in the event of destruction.

4: Sickness and accident

The owners agree to notify Acorn Kennels & Cattery of any health problems, character problems or veterinary treatments specific to their pet. In the event of illness, accident or injury occurring during your pet's stay, you give the right to Acorn Kennels & Cattery to seek medical treatment deemed necessary by our own vet clinic (Le Teilleul), or by your own vet if local to us. Any veterinary bills must be reimbursed by the owners on presentation of supporting documents from the veterinarian. Please note that the hygienic cleaning and disinfection of buildings are ensured daily to maintain the health and wellbeing of all our guests. If your pet is on long-term medication please ensure you provide a sufficient supply for the duration of the stay, and clear written instructions of dosage and frequency. Please supply the veterinary prescription where possible.

5: Death of the animal

In case of death of the animal during the stay, an autopsy will be performed which will determine the causes of death. A report will be drawn up by the veterinarian and a certificate will be issued to the owners, at their expense. Any dog aged 13 or over will not be autopsied unless expressly requested by the owners.

6: Abandonment

If the animal cannot be picked up on the date specified in the contract, the customer undertakes to notify Acorn Kennels & Cattery as soon as possible. Otherwise, 15 days after the expiry date of the contract, we may entrust the animal to an animal protection association or a refuge and all additional costs will be borne by the owner.

7: Billing

The daily price includes accommodation, bowls, bedding and baskets, litter trays and litter for cats, supervised exercise 4 times a day for  dogs,  under-floor heating and "Royal Canin" pet-food. Each guest will receive a daily meal corresponding to their age and weight. If you choose to provide your own food, please ensure that there is sufficient quantity for the duration of the stay. Please note that there is no discount if you bring your own food. It is possible that the change of environment and change of food may cause temporary digestive trouble and your pet may have an upset tummy for the first few days when returning home.   The boarding fees are calculated per day. A minimum charge of 2 days boarding is applicable to all bookings. We remind you all that medical and surgical costs will be borne by the owners.

8: Reservation

A non-refundable deposit of 30 euros will be required for all firm reservations. In case of cancellation, the deposit will be used as a cancellation fee. The signed booking confirmation must be submitted together with the deposit in order to secure the booking. Once we have received your deposit and signed confirmation, we will send you a booking acknowledgement and booking contract. Please bring the signed booking contract with you on the day of arrival. Any stay booked and started is a stay due, even if you collect your pets earlier than the departure date specified on the booking contract.The balance of the boarding fees is payable on the day of arrival of the animal.


9: Categorized dog

Acorn Kennels & Cattery accepts 2nd category dogs on condition that the owners bring the dog's permit for the duration of the stay. We reserve the right not to handle the dog directly if it turns out to be dangerous (valid for all breeds of dogs)

10: Boarding hours

We are open Monday to Friday from  10am-12.30pm and 1.30pm-5pm, Saturday 10am-12.30pm and 1.30pm-7pm

No drop-offs or pick-ups will be allowed on Sundays and public holidays.

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