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Our prices (including VAT) vary according to the size of the space allocated to your pets, but also according to the number of pets you have and their size, as well as the length of their stay. Please contact us for a quote based on your specific needs.


Our prices include:

  • beds, baskets, bowls

  • Vet-Bed fleece

  • food (Royal Canin) and treats

  • litter trays and litter (cats)

  • underfloor heating (other establishments charge extra for heating but we consider it as a basic necessity which should not be charged extra)

  • exercise 4 times a day in our secure play park (dogs)


Our prices are charged per day and apply from the day of arrival of your animal, regardless of the time of arrival, and include the day of departure. However, the last day is free if your pet leaves before 12:30 p.m.


Please note that ALL reserved days must be paid, so if you collect your pet before the scheduled departure date, you will have to pay for the remaining unused days.


Due to the high number of last minute cancellations, we had to review our down payment policy. We now require a minimum deposit of 30€ for all reservations, which will be taken as a cancellation fee in the event of a reservation being cancelled. The balance due is payable before or upon arrival at the kennels.

You can pay your deposit by PayPal by clicking here.

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